The Enneagram is an amazing personality tool with roots in ancient wisdom which joins together psychology and spirituality to help us understand our true self – our ‘Essential Nature’. It describes the nine basic human personality types and gives us a map to help us navigate these structures with wisdom, allowing us to release our defences and cultivate presence. Used in conjunction with mindful awareness it allows us to identify the repeated thought and behaviour patterns in our personality type that prevent us from reaching our full potential as a human being. The Enneagram is also very useful in helping us to understand the many dimensions of both our personal and professional relationships.

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New Enneagram Album OUT NOW!

Bernadette has written and recorded a new Enneagram album entitled ‘Nine of Us’. The album is now available to download or stream via iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and all other major online music distributors. You can also purchase your download at www.bernadettegalea.bandcamp.com

Bernadette launched the album in a workshop at the 2019 International Enneagram Association Summit in Lisbon, Portugal and took the album to South Africa in October 2019 to present the songs at the International Enneagram Conference in Cape Town. She also performed the album in Giza, Egypt in February of 2020.

Learn more here – www.bernadettegalea.com

As well as being a registered psychologist, Bernadette is also a fully qualified teacher of The Enneagram. She is available for private personality typing interviews and coaching (to assist you in understanding your type), as well as workshops and retreats.

Workshops and Retreats

Workshops and retreats can be customised to your needs and can run for a half day or up to three days depending on the level of depth you’d like to explore.

For further information please contact Bernadette Galea at bernadette@essentialnature.com.au or on Phone or WhatsApp (+61) 0415 571 537 for any enquiries.

If you are considering certifying as an Enneagram teacher or practioner, click here for information about the Enneagram Professional Training Program (EPTP) in Australia.


For more information about the Enneagram or to begin to determine your primary type please visit Enneagram Worldwide or The Enneagram Institute.